Disturbing Questions I Should Ask

Do you really understand the different choices in your 401K or retirement plan?

What are the four most important questions to ask when making a financial decision?

Why is it so hard to make money and then twice as hard to keep it?

Financially successful people think differently, what do they do that is different?

Why are people so busy that they can’t seem to get around to planning?

Where is your financial advisors money and how much do they have? Are they successful?

Are you more concerned about accumulating assets or preserving your assets? What's the difference?

How is your economic future on solid ground? Is it guaranteed?

What does dollar cost averaging mean to you?

Do you know how to pay yourself first? 

How can you manage information you do not have?

Are you paying more in Social Security & Medicare than income tax? (85% of the people are)

How do you tell the ratio between the risk people take and the return they get?

What is the tax on your retirement in relation to the tax deferral?

Do you make logical decisions or emotional decisions?

What is the cost of deferring my taxes?

Why is critical or analytical thinking completely against your intuition?

Why do people develop plans without rules?






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